"I feel like I’m in a film noir with you. You’re peculiar in the best possible way."

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Super Duper Old YouTube Video

Requisite still from the first video so that Blogger has a featured image to show!

This is a video I made during the first time I lived in Portland, in 2010. I'll be doing more video logs in the near future.
Here's one I made yesterday with my Macbook and Photo Booth. Practice makes perfec…

Copyright Free Sounds and Videos

Copyright free sounds and videos can be hard to find!  I initially searched for appropriate sound effects that I wanted to use for a podcast. I didn't find what I needed in a reasonable amount of time, so here's a list for you so you don't have to spend a long time as I did.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Or should that be site?
This post has been a long time in the making. When people I know very well ask me how I'm doing, I go with the expected "fine" or "good, how are you?" so that I don't have to explain anything.

It's even harder to fake it when people ask me wh…