Rachael is the alter ego of my sexy performer side. 2020 shall be known as the year I emerged from the ashes, rising like a phoenix, owning my power and experience while reclaiming my femininity and embracing my sexuality.

F*ck "age appropriate". 

I saw that on another blog somewhere. I also saw on another blog that one should dress occasion appropriate instead, and agree 1000%. I've been constantly challenging myself in terms of what it means to be an adult and I'll elaborate more on this in future posts. Born in Los Angeles, my style icon is Rachael Tyrell and I'm growing into her. Who doesn't want to be a replicant?

I've admired many women over the years, historical, fictional, past, and present, and pay homage to them in my own way by recreating myself as I go along. There's no definitive manual on being me, so I'll share what I can along the way with you.

So who do I think I am, really? In my opinion, sexiness never dissipates, but morphs over time.

I honestly feel better about myself now than when I was younger and weighed 92 lbs., go figure.

You're not supposed to start modeling at the ripe old age of 27!

At one point I turned down a lot of gigs (the cover of DDI International and more) because I can be socially awkward like that. World domination would have to wait, until now, that is....

Here's a small sampling of some of my historical appearances over the years. This doesn't include my DJ appearances and residencies, which I'll gather at some point. I was a fairly successful jungle/drum and bass DJ back in the day (started officially "spinning on the wheels of steel" in 1996) and I'd like to think that I was ahead of my time.

Dave Naz photoshoot. I'm in his book Lust Circus (warning: definitely NSFW overall, although my appearance is probably the most Disney out of all of them).

Vampire Technology photoshoot. I modeled amazing clothes that were handmade out of rubber tires. This pic adorned their homepage for many years. That hobble skirt weighed over 40 lbs.!

Chad Michael Ward photoshoot. I'm in his book Black Rust. 

One of the images from that shoot is part of a DVD cover of 4 crappy horror movies (none of which I appear in). I've been told that I'm occasionally available in the bargain bin at Best Buy. Hey, someone's gotta have a claim to fame! Here's proof:

Are YOU Too Hot For Hell? I didn't think so, so there

I feel as if I've lived a few lifetimes already and I think I have four lives to go, if the nine lives thing is true. I used to be the junior bookkeeper for a website that you might have heard of,

That website took me across the country and has been responsible for a few major things in my life. I'm also still a licensed esthetician in the state of CA and if you watched any tv or movies during 2007-2008, chances are that you saw me in the background of some major stuff.

I loved working on Dexter and House, MD. The first Ironman movie was great and the only memorable thing about working on the show Two and a Half Men was that I got my first SAG voucher on that set.

The below pic was taken at a now closed down club (bye, Felicia) that's now a fancy dispensary in SE Portland. When I moved back to Portland during Thanksgiving of 2017, I was unsure about returning to one of my plans B-Z, in being a paid, professional sexy person.

RIP to my Tokidoki x Hello Kitty bag. You were wonderful while you lasted, which unfortunately wasn't very long! $3 thrift score that the designer of Tokidoki, Nicola, actually liked on my IG. Super cool.

I'm obsessed with thrifting and you should say hi if you see me at a Goodwill Outlet ("the bins") in your city or town. Almost everything in my wardrobe is thrifted and I'm also kind of obsessed with lingerie, so what better thing to be preoccupied with than burlesque?

This is currently my favorite set of lingerie and it's from Bettie Page Lingerie by Playful Promises. I'm a 32D-DD, can corset down to 24", and am very physically active. 

I'm also obsessed with trashy breakfast cereals like Apple Jacks and Fruity Pebbles and could probably drink my weight in Thai Iced Tea. See exhibit A below.

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