Rachael Tyrell

I Belong To Me #1

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The first zine in an ongoing series. Not many people know this but I Belong to Me is the title of a Chris and Cosey (of Throbbing Gristle) song that kept coming on when I was doing my artwork. This series is all about mental health and coping from an authentic and hopefully relatable point…

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Step into my world and discover the zine that sparked it all! Launched on a special June day in 2023 (my birthday!), this zine, brimming with my art and words, garnered tremendous interest. Its success even secured my spot at the prestigious Portland Zine Symposium 2023.

“Diving into the realm of zines, I proudly present ‘I Belong To Me.’ This captivating creation features a fusion of my artistic expression and personal prose, crafting an intimate autobiography that delves into themes of relationships, mental well-being, and the journey beyond.” – Rachael Tyrell

***NOTE: You can read the first zine on Amazon for free if you have Kindle Unlimited!***