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This is most of the music that I was listening to while creating the first zine. It’s not for everyone but it will give some insight into its creation!

Today’s my birthday and my zine’s official release.

So far, age 49 seems flimsy. I feel underestimated and slightly disregarded at times. The kiss of Judas? Talk about a refresher course in fragility! I wasn’t going to return, especially to anywhere that had a front-row seat to my decimated spirit.

My magnificent motherland trip to L.A. went awry at the end. An abrupt retreat to San Jose followed. My dad’s recovering after the ‘widowmaker’. As for me, I was a hapless stooge.

The night before my return, a fragment of my being laid to rest in a somber extinguishment, devoid of tenderness.

But wait, there’s more: a period of convalescence, then transmutation. I’m altered.

Art became unbearable! Overpowered by self-doubt and loathing of the most abysmal varieties, I quit nearly everything. Agony remains a tenacious companion. Is this a resilience test from hell? Trust, it seems, requires self-trust, the fragment of myself that may have slipped away.

In my despair, friends emerged as saviors, coaxing me to wade through my murky abyss. Now a reservoir of stories and art within me needs to be seen, felt, and tangibly realized. I’ve written more this past month than in the last two decades combined!

All else paled compared to my kids, recovery, art, music, and my new fascination with speaking backward. On my rebuilt site, I shared a playlist. Special thanks to @yearsofdenial and their newest album, it played constantly while I worked on the zine.

To the unfortunate souls that witnessed my most ungraceful and downtrodden moments, my sincerest apologies. I was thoroughly destroyed, but now I’m on the mend and am rebuilding —a phenomenal birthday gift.

To my pre-orders, my deepest gratitude. To the local award-winning book/comic shop that welcomed my zine pre-release (!), I’m elated that you’re a newfound ally. Thanks for safeguarding the flickering flame of faith within me.

As for my zine, It’s now staple-bound on a journey to L.A., Chicago, Austin, Sacramento, N.Y., S.F., Atlanta, Glasgow, and Brisbane. I’ll need to renew my passport soon!

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